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How to choose the appropriate type and parameters of the piston pump

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Plunger pump used to according to their own needs to choose the appropriate models and parameters, according to the specific process, type pump, water supply and drainage requirements, etc., from five aspects into consideration: throughput, gear head, liquid properties, piping layout and operation operation condition, the relationship to the entire plant production capacity and transmission capacity.
If the process design can calculate the pump normal, small, three kinds of flow. Piston pump manufacturers in the selection of pumps,
1, flow is one of the important performance data of the pump. Based on the large flow, taking into account the normal flow, there is no large flow, usually desirable 1.1 times the normal flow as a large flow. Generally to enlarge 5%10% margin after the head selection.
2. The head required by the device system is another important performance data of the pump. Include the name of the liquid medium and the properties of the liquid. Physical properties, chemical properties and other properties, physical properties with temperature c density d u medium viscosity of solid particle diameter and gas content, etc., this is related to the system of the head, effective computing cavitation allowance and appropriate pump type: chemical properties, mainly refers to the chemical corrosion resistance and toxicity of liquid medium, selects the pump data and choose the kind of shaft seal type of important basis.
3. Pipeline layout conditions of the device system refer to liquid delivery height, liquid delivery distance, liquid delivery direction. Discharge side high liquid level and other data and pipe specifications and their length, data, pipe fittings specifications, quantity, etc., in order to carry out the comb head calculation and check the cavitation allowance.