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How should the daily maintenance of the piston pump be done

2021-07-14 11:08:38 Hits:

High pressure plunger pump is one of the plunger pump, with the help of the working chamber volume periodic changes to achieve the purpose of transporting liquid, specific good suction and self-priming performance, high efficiency and energy saving. In the use of high pressure piston pump, how to do the daily maintenance work, this is very important. Here is an introduction to this issue:
1. Before use, the water pipe and equipment internal rust and impurities flush clean;
2. Sand and other impurities are strictly prohibited in the water. Clean tap water is directly connected to the machine for water supply from the faucet.
Three, the oil tank must always adhere to the oil, fuel use 10# or higher quality diesel, moisture and impurities are strictly prohibited;
4. Turn off the hot water first and execute the switch sequence. Continue to flush until the equipment is completely cooled before turning off the cold water;
5. The power supply of the equipment is 380V50HZ yellow/green wire is required to be grounded;
6. Lubrication of water pump: the amount of lubricating oil in the water pump shall not be less than the oil level of the red counting ticket in the center of the oil window;
7. Change the oil once in the first 1000 hours after work; Oil must be changed after the water pump works for 50 hours;
8.nozzle wear is inevitable, because in the high pressure environment, so it must be replaced in time, the appropriate reduction of pressure can prolong the service life of the nozzle and high pressure water pipe;
9. Rinse the scale deposited in the water inlet pipe regularly;
10. The diesel filter must be replaced in time or the piston pump;
11. Exhaust residual diesel oil and clean the oil tank: unscrew the oil discharge nut at the bottom. Rinse the tank with clean diesel oil, and then tighten the drain nut;
12. In order to prevent the remaining water from freezing, do not place the equipment in an environment where the temperature is lower than 0 degrees Celsius.