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Common causes of excessive pump noise

2021-07-19 09:57:16 Hits:

Most of the reasons for excessive noise are insufficient oil absorption, check the hydraulic system:
1. The oil in the oil pump is not filled or not filled.
2. Whether the oil pump has been running at low pressure.
3. the oil viscosity is too large, the oil temperature is lower than the allowable operating temperature range; The oil is filled with water or impurities (inferior oil is black).
4. Too much resistance on the inhalation channel.
5. Leakage on the suction channel.
6. Air leakage in the hydraulic system (the return pipe is not inserted below the liquid level).
7. The coaxiality of the pump shaft and the motor shaft is poor, or the shaft head stem is involved in the vibration caused by the loosening of the coupling.
8. The air vent on the oil tank is blocked.